A Fighters Adventure

by Flysbad
A Fighters Adventure
Action-Adventure Game, something new test it out (:
So, in my new game ' A Fighters Adventure ' I have side missions . I want to have a lot of side missions , because basically they're the real missions -_- lol . But anyways, post ideas on here and I'll probably add your mission into the game ! & then you can be all " HEY, THAT'S MY MISSION I CREATED ! " So give me ideas, lets make this game popular.

link: http://www.byond.com/games/Flysbad.AFA

Input Example:

Mission Name:
Hmm, well this isn't much of a SIDE MISSION per say, but it's kinda like, based on the type of missions you do, you be good or bad, and them choices, affect the way the game is in the future.

-Thanks for reading Flys ^^
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Ummm , lol. I wouldn't be able to do that now , maybe if I just started the game .
(before you begin reading i will apolagize, when i post things i post a LOOOT xD)I am going to amuse (mainly from what i see in the screenshot) that there are going to be monsters and beast. Well they can be pretty simple, I'll give an example of a basic one,

description: You have been asked to destroy a village of Ogre's that are migrating towards (town/place name).
Objective: Defeat the series of Ogres.

That isn't to difficult to make sense of, but if you want some more complicated missions,

description: You've been asked to find the statue that contains information the location of the fountain of youth.

Objective: Find the Statue

^This one is much more complicated, because it doesn't exactly tell you where to go looking. Here is how it would mostly work, Upon beginning this mission, a series (# depends on exactly how hard it is) NPCs, though you could not ask then about it before, now that the mission has started they have new information for you. With this new information you may be lead to the objective, or you may be lead to somebody who can give you more information. But before they give it to you, they want you to (making it up a i go ;) ) get them a horse. Well you could always buy them a horse, or you could go to a nearby field that wild horses roam in, and catch one for the man. After he tells you what you need to know and you go and find your objective. Congratz. Now this wus just an example, but the format is the important part. Depending on how hard the mission is will help guide you (as in the programmer) to decide on what needs to be done. Of course I have not (sadly) been able to actually play around in A fightes Adventure, so i do not know all the features that are/will be included. But that has little importance. Any questions, feel free to ask (and i will do my best to answer, if you want a faster answer you could page me a link to wherever your question(s) are)

With this (ik its not very specific) you can simply have anybody come up with an object to find, place to go to, or monster to kill & the name & the difficulty. Here is a poor scale on determining Difficult;

Easiest- 1 interaction (the description of the mission contains all the info you need)

Very Easy - 2 interactions (description tells you what to do, and where to begin seeking information. The new information from where you are sent gives you enough to finish the mission)

Easy - 3 interactions(basicly 2 but instead the source of info that the description gives, will not send you to the objective but another source of info, who gives you the rest that you need)

And so on and so forth. So now (i hope) with my opinion stated, that you will be able to keep things interesting and exciting for players in your game. And as always, this is simply a suggestion and there is no obligation to incorporating this if you do not want to.

~Huntsman06, Cosmic Corp.
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Huntsman06 wrote:
(before you begin reading i will apolagize, when i post things i post a LOOOT xD)

I like it whenever I get long replies on my posts . It bascially means, someone is taking the time to help me & actually reads what I post . Haha , but I'm looking for missions like collecting things, and defeating enemies, NOT enemies who roam around in cities . lol, who stays with in a 10 distance radius of where they are said to be . But thanks for the ideas .
A template would of been more effective, provided with some information on existing enemies and such but..

Mission: Open Season
Description: The Village guard has asked you to scout out the nearby area, and take out any animals you may find due to the increase of animal attacks lately.
Kill 4 animals. Snakes, Bats, Bears, Boars, ect.

Mission: I ain't afraid of no ghost!
Description: There seems to be a ghostly tale going around the town involving a spiritual apparition roaming the nearby waterfall causing a shortage of water supply because the towns people are to afraid to go near it, its up to you to investigate.
Defeat the Bandit pretending to be a Ghost.

Mission: The Ultimate Technique
Description: In the depths of the mountain lays a scroll said to contain a technique capable of defeating any enemy in a single blow. Find and retrieve the scroll and reveal the secret that is in-scripted within it.
Interact with the The Ultimate Technique.
" Dear adventurer... I'm impressed you made it this far, but none the less I have some bad news for you. You will not find this technique on any form of paper, because, dear adventurer, the ultimate technique rest inside of you! - Inside of all of us, really. The only thing stopping you from gaining this skill, is you my dear friend, may this notice motivate you to be the best you can be.
- Sincerely, Ivan.
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TouretteUnicorn wrote:
A template would of been more effective
- Good idea, I edited my post to have those in it :D

Provided with some information on existing enemies
- The only icon I have for enemies as of right now, is just the players base lol ....

Anyways, GREAT ideas . I loved them, keep them coming !!!!! You and Huntsman are my best idea people . I just might have to give y'all a little something something ! lol .