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I've decided to go ahead and release a beta version of Gotcha! for download. There are likely still some bugs, but my connection is so bad recently that I can't even test properly. Please, if you are hosting or playing and see any bugs, post them in the forum.

Gotcha! is a game similar to games such as Ludo, Parcheesi, and Sorry. Up to four players compete to be the first to get their pieces around the board and up their ramp to the finish.

I'll host it for the next 12 or so hours, I am currently moving my download folder to its own hd and have the bandwidth now to do so.
Also here is the url for the first server byond://

and second server is
I posted a small update. I didn't realize Crispy's fullban deleted mobs when banning somebody. That created problems with the AI.
As soon as this current game is done I will update.
It's a bit like Gazoot's QuickStep game.
Looks good, Flick!