Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
Keywords: lingo, ss13
OOC: Pvt. jamie: this is lame no one is RPing and its as if the admins arent even there. OOC: AncientV25: SOMEONE'S A BIT BUTTHURT OOC: AncientV25: DID THE DICK GO TOO FAR OOC: idiedrestartpls: it did OOC: idiedrestartpls: you went too far, its time to pull out OOC: AncientV25: nope OOC: K.F.C. 9000: i died restart plz OOC: AncientV25: no AI You swallow Inaprovaline pill. OOC: Pvt. jamie: stop making fun of me guys its not funy OOC: AncientV25: fuk u pvt jamie OOC: Pvt. jamie: damn dude did i type OOC: Pvt. jamie: that [Station Engineer] Frank Pewter [145.9] exclaims, "You are not alone buddy!" [Station Engineer] Frank Pewter [145.9] exclaims, "Fuck!" OOC: AncientV25: yes fag OOC: Pvt. jamie: what the fuck im too stoned to even comprehend this. OOC: AncientV25: bs.png OOC: K.F.C. 9000: ss13 Luis Guess says, "durka durka durk" OOC: K.F.C. 9000: what is your opinion on fags OOC: AncientV25: fags are cool Luis Guess says, "durka durka durk" OOC: AncientV25: i like fags OOC: Pvt. jamie: i smoke weed Jamarion Earl says, "wait" OOC: Pvt. jamie: respect me Luis Guess says, "hey" OOC: idiedrestartpls: fags are the best OOC: AncientV25: fuck you jamie Luis Guess says, "your engineer is attacking me" OOC: K.F.C. 9000: i smoke moon rocks OOC: K.F.C. 9000: respekt Byrne Pearsall gasps! Claire Shankmore has been stabbed in the eye with the screwdriver by Byrne Pearsall. OOC: AncientV25: moon rocks are the best OOC: Renzovv98: Never insult a admin...... i guess that if why your mad on jamie right? OOC: Renzovv98: Or something else OOC: Hesphos: adminbus OOC: Renzovv98: Something that pissed you off OOC: Pvt. jamie: renzov stop sucking my dick OOC: Renzovv98: ....... Luis Guess says, "dude that trips me out" OOC: Renzovv98: Adminbus? where? OOC: Pvt. jamie: dude that trips me out. Frank Pewter exclaims, "Kill it!" OOC: Renzovv98: What Jamie OOC: K.F.C. 9000: homosexuals. good or bad because of jesus? OOC: Pvt. jamie: whenever they say something and its not me OOC: Renzovv98: I don't care KFC. Frank Pewter has thrown the fire extinguisher. OOC: Renzovv98: You can have sex with anyone you want Byrne Pearsall faints. Luis Guess says, "whos a bitch your a bitch yes you are." OOC: Pvt. jamie: I want to have sex with you OOC: Renzovv98: Well im not gay OOC: Renzovv98: Or old enough OOC: Pvt. jamie: you say anyone OOC: Pvt. jamie: but you lie to me OOC: K.F.C. 9000: im 12 OOC: K.F.C. 9000: am i old enouf 4 u OOC: Renzovv98: YOU can have sex with anyone you want OOC: Renzovv98: Im 14 You feel a powerful shock course through your body! OOC: Renzovv98: or 13 OOC: K.F.C. 9000: ok then we can have sex OOC: Renzovv98: And im dead OOC: AncientV25: SS13 just raped me in the anus OOC: AncientV25: I blame jamie. OOC: Renzovv98: Which player was gunner wells? OOC: AncientV25: me obv OOC: Pvt. jamie: ancient i think OOC: Renzovv98: I thougt so OOC: K.F.C. 9000: it was ME OOC: AncientV25: no kfc it was me OOC: Renzovv98: You were like invincble OOC: AncientV25: ur 2 stationary to be gunne rwells Payton Hutton is trying to take off Byrne Pearsall's ID Card (Station Engineer) from Byrne Pearsall's uniform! OOC: AncientV25: sivirin is a faggot nigger OOC: Pvt. jamie: holy shit man that is the most awesome thing i have ever read in OOC.
Boy that sure is an awesome unformatted and illegible wall of text full of racist and bigoted bullshit LMAO