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With your strategy concepts and my imagination, I am proposing a rather powerful offer. A potential collaberation for brainstorming and developing a major game. I am hoping to make a Scifi game that would, undenyably, put us both into major recognition.

If you approve, email me at
Developous, what about your dozen other projects?
Got a sub ^_^ , Keep it up!
You're a fantastic developer. Your games are well polished and quite fun.

I just wanted to point that out.

Keep up the awesome work!
Develop wargames 2 more, we want colonial, industrial and modern eras and after that space era
also please create an admin system for wargames 2
I don't tend to allow administration powers in my games, although I did lean over a bit for wg1, so I'll consider allowing wg2 to also have some.

Its good to know people are hosting and trying out wg2, when I get time after getting a public beta for wg1 2.0 I will make sure other sections of the series including wg2 get some more work done.
Thank you for your response, my friend Jacob 843 and I are trying to maintain a dedicated sever. It's hard to do that when people are kicked from the game while you're trying to set it up. So maybe you could create a lobby where they can wait and only admins get the start up prompt?
Also if you could add some prompts displaying the game modes stastistics
Yeah, I'll try and improve the system, WG2 is a bit better than the first in which it allows players to log in after settings but before game start, I'll make sure they are allowed to hang around before game start and then 'notified' when the game is ready for them to make a country.
also for the research, people should only be able to research the next age once they have researched everything else from that era
I probably won't be doing that, focusing on certain things instead of everything was one intention of the game, although it obviously isn't done yet so theres loads of research to be added yet.

Because research is reliant on towns, and towns grow better only with certain research, there is always some research people will do instead of straight-to-era. Still, I _might_ force players to do x number of research or a line of research before allowing to move on.

I've opened a topic here: for small things that people would like from a quick update.
Acebloke! Are you the same acebloke that was on the ffdreams forum? from the UK?
Yes, that's right.
Oh my goodness. It's been a long time. It's Jp. Omnislash04. We used to chat on AIM all the time. It's been years, man. If you have an email or something, I'd love to catch up. I've got some stuff going on that I think you'd be interested in.
Sure, my email is or you can contact me on steam if you have it (Mikebloke is my username there).

I don't have any other form of communication these days :p
Thanks, I'll try that out.
I couldn't help but notice that you seem to be good at balancing economic systems in games. I'm offering, though it may seem worthless, 65,000 nex for you to examine a game I have for balance, please.


One condition. Don't change the formulas, just the costs please, to be more realistic.
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