Poll: Which game should I work on next?

ManoAMano 17% (8)
Squadrons 8% (4)
Kingdoms 56% (26)
These all suck, pick something else. 17% (8)

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I've got a few more things I'd like to add to Gotcha!, but after that it will be time to work on something else. I've been meaning to try out the fancy new poll feature, so I figured I'd leave it up to the four people who read my blog. ;)

ManoAMano is a complete game as is, though I do need to fix up a few bugs, particularly scoring. I also have a good number of additional classes I'd like to add.

Squadrons is probably the simplest project programmatically, though it is 4.0 enabled so there is a bit of a learning curve with that.

Kingdoms is the oldest of the bunch, and the one I think I'm leaning towards myself. It isn't far from at least playability, though has quite a way to go before I'd consider it complete.

No guarantees I'll actually work on the winner (or any of these projects) next, but I'll at least put it at the top of my list of things I'm ignoring. :P

As a campaign contributor, I get extra sway, right? Vote Kingdoms in the upcoming senate session, or I'm pulling your funding.
Kingdoms seems to be the popular choice at the moment. It has been quite a while since I've worked on it, so it my take me a while to reaquaint myself with the code. I'm a bad programmer. :P
Well, I originally chose MaM(with the kinky name), but, further reading about Kingdoms(picture inspired me =P), I'd like to move my vote over there.
I said MaM, primarily because if it only has a few bugs left to work out, you can get that out of the way now, and not have to worry about it again.
I'm going all the way with Kingdoms, my good man. The look of the game is something that even I would quite enjoy to play in the near future. So high five my hair uncle lookalike, now get to work. Chop chop. Don't make me shave that beard, mister!
Squadrons for me since I'm hoping to learn some stuff for 4.0 off of your examples. Also it kind of reminds me of Yota's war which I was a fan of :)

But I guess its up to you, or in this case the absurdly biased members :P
I voted for Kingdoms, as well, mainly because it seems to be the one you're most interested in working on, but also because I'd love to see your take on something like that.
Kingdoms or I am having you impeached.
Looks like Kingdoms is the big winner. I am a little depressed that Squadrons got beat out by 'These all suck...', but I'll get over it. :P I've got six days in a row off starting next weekend, so that will either be a really good time for me to re-familiarize myself with Kingdoms's code, or a good time to wander off and do nothing. We'll see. ;)
Woo. So I finally get to see it. Looking good so far, though I really need to see it in action before I can say much. About how long until it will be ready for a public demo?

And for the record, I have no objections to anyone remaking my own game War. (Intentional or otherwise.) I really don't have time to do much with it, and perhaps the competition will do me some good. Since I just kinda overwrote 3.5 on my computer, I'm somewhat forced to move War into 4.0 if I start working on it again. Flick's interface has some good ideas, but I'll try to keep from copying him. ;p

PS: Is someone going to start a thread about this game on his forum any time soon?
I'm looking forward to seeing yours at some point. Mine is inspired primarily by It may be a while before I actually get that finished, since it looks like I'll be working on Kingdoms for a while :)
Thanks for all the votes. And for those of you who voted for 'These all suck...' Thhbbbppttt! :P