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No, I wasn't really on vacation the entire time I've failed to post. But I did just get back from vacation.

As you might have seen if you visited the Dream Makers guild, I've been working on a potential new BYOND book, and you can feel free to offer your comments on the chapters.

I have not been doing a whole lot at the computer other than that. I am apparently addicted to reality, and while I have trouble admitting I have a problem, I will admit that it is difficult these days to buckle down in front of a screen. All I can ask is that you not hold it against me and please play Night Fantastic.
We should start support groups for reality addictions. We could call it Reality Anonymous.

Step 1: Believe in a higher power than yourself, i.e., the information superhighway.
You should uh... check the BYOND casual guild. xD
I don't think that the inactivity is Zilal's fault. It was known that she would be gone and BYOND Casual remained without staff members. (At least, I don't see any. There are some private guild members.)
How about a deal - you can have some of my internet addiction in exchange for some of your reality addiction. I'll even give you favourable exchange rates, which is only fair since the market has an oversupply of internet addiction.
Speaking of the Dream Makers guild, I've been wondering what your opinion is of the icon for Z-Tips. I wasn't sure what background would go best against the Z-tip so I chose rusted metal based on the black and orange scheme of your blog.
I apologize for BYOND Casual... I want to be able to devote the time it deserves but I don't think it's in the cards.

However, I do have the time to say I think the Z-Tips logo is awesome. Very clever of you.