Keywords: linux
no need for help anymore

thanks for all of the help though, especially to audeuro for selling me a cheap linux box and exguo for donating!

you rock!
60 USD? Uh... good luck with that.
exguo donated $20. >_>
but yeah, there's some nice $30 ones on eBay I might grab
nothing really beats ms word! (openoffice just isn't as familiar to me)

OpenOffice is almost an exact clone of Word*. =) Right down to the menus and that weird little find widget at the bottom of the scrollbar.

Heck, there's even a stupid paperclip, except it's a stupid lightbulb with a flotation device instead. =P And it's a lot less annoying, from what I've seen so far.

*Of the 97/2000-era, at least; MS did some wacky things to later versions.
yeah. :p

well i found a nice PC for $40 that I'll be buying thanks to exguo's help

audeuro is selling it to me

thanks for the help guys