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Hello, yesterday when I was playing the server is closed and I was banned by the host, I wanted to ask you to please Take this for me because the Shinobi of Legend is everything to me, is very difficult to live without it, I need to play!

Note: I do not remember having committed any offense to be banned, but if I have made ​​many excuses I ask you!

Thank you for your attention
can we be imformed wats going on spm have u washed your hand s of this game or is it still getting updated
Hey SPM, I would like to say back when I played SoL it was awesome recently I have come into trouble in making a guild that I was once a leader of called Hakumei, One of you GMs banned me because i asked her for a reason why, and what proof she had that i was not an owner. We once played SoL together and at the time you were going my Mittens and I was Lily/ Nadleeh and you offered me a GM position. I was wondering if you still have any influence in the game or play it you could 1). get me unbanned 2). allow me to take back my guild 3). Give me GM so i can keep the abusive GM in check.


Hello, I'm Brazilian and I was wondering if you have a vested interest in opening a serv in Brazil. Today Brazil this shortage of good servs Naruto. So I would like to open a server like yours only in Portuguese. I know this would not be competition to their server ... If possible please contact me.
hey i wonder when is the server upp again ?
I would like to host server 24/7 so others and i can play it. is it possible?