Keywords: gravarg
gravarg is a wacky co-operative game with no content in it currently. everyone sees the world from a different perspective and the gravity reacts to them depending on that perspective

it an idea stolen from squidi's 300 ideas and then changed around a bit

if you'd like to see the progress so far and perhaps help me find bugs in the current system:
byond:// (requires 4.0 build 25)

i'd also love any suggestions and what to add content-wise, seeing as i have no ideas =)

Sorry, Volte. I couldn't resist getting a screenshot of that. =p

[edit] it seems it does not require 4.0_25, but if you don't have it it runs really slow and does not look as good
spider like characters so players can tell how everyone else can act.
super mario galaxy.
boss battles.
these are actual ideas. i'm just at work and don't have time to explain them.
I made it to the top first, I win.