I'm going to attempt to be a bit more active here, and at least post some links to board game related graphical resources and/or creative inspiration.

Chess Board graphics - This is a collection of really nice chess board type graphics, put together by


Squidi's 300 (or so...) - This has been posted a number of places already, but there are a few really interesting ideas on there that are easily adaptable to a Byond board game.'s 8x8 board game contest - These games were designed to be played on an 8x8 board. While it might not be a good idea to build a game exactly like one of these, they can provide ideas for creating a game of your own. ManoAMano was inspired by Robo-Battle Pigs, which was itself inspired by something called Richochet Robot.


Board Game Geek - The biggie. Huge piles of information about all kinds of board games. Usually the first place to look for board game information.

D'Antiques Game Rules - Links to .pdf or .html rule sets for over 700 mostly board games.

Well, that's a start. If you have a favorite resource you would like to add, reply to the appropriate post in the Resources forum: Graphics, Inspiration , or General.
Good links, Flick. I had forgotten about the chess graphics there.

Ya know, you're guild always makes me want to quit what I'm doing and make a board game.
Good, that's the goal :P Though in your case I'd rather have you keep doing what you're doing. ;)