Suukou Faita-

by Branks


Before getting started, it's worth noting that Branks and I have been busy since our last post, and today just happen to be a good day...ish, so I thought I should post an update. Anyway, as mentioned in our returning post, the AI and Combat were basic and a work in progress. After discussing ideas with Branks, we've decided that our current systems were to be tossed aside. As of now, the systems are in development.


Despite mentioning that they wouldn't be reprogrammed in my previous post, I found that it would be easier to just reprogram the system. The previous system was horrible and less flexible. Overall, if I kept it, just about every AI would act the same. Because of that, I thought "why not just make each AI behave differently?", and thus I did. Currently I have 3 key behaviors, and under each are sub-behaviors. By that, I mean each mob could share certain notable traits as those in its same category, but their behavior would be noticeably different if they don't share the same sub-category. So far, there are three main-categories, but I'm debating on making one or two more and having roughly five sub-categories per main-category. With that being said, if there's something in specific you'd like to see, feel free to suggest it.

Hair Styles

This is our current list of hair styles. Including the option to be bald, we've provided a selection of fourteen hair styles. I think it should suffice for our first release, wouldn't you say? Nevertheless, what do you guys think about the hair styles?

Other Information

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The 7th & 14th hairstyle are my personal favorites.
Lige, add me on your new MSN!

Not sure if you changed it or something~
P.S. The hairstyles are looking fantastic.
Awesome! Hairstyles are cool. That should be enough for players :P. Don't forget facial hair lol. Wanna have that long grandmaster style beard.
In response to Ganing (#4)
Facial hair will most likely be at a store of some sort. Perhaps buy some Just For Men to grow one. XD
Seriously though, facial hair will be a must.
Lookin' good, keep up the motivation!