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i wanted to ask for host files plz i really love this game because i got banned from the only server that waas avalable just because i wanted host files plz just add me and send me host files
i have info that one of your staff a "Shawn" has been baning player for no reason but as "trolling" when they did nothing wrong one of the baned players key is "Bubba4333" plz fix this issue thanks
i am rozan,player of ur dbz game. we have a few players who keep multikeying, bug abusing and breaking the rules. please do something.
can you please unban me from dbz online adventues

i didn't know the rules
can you please send me the file so that i can host
are you still looking for coders for dbz online adventures??
hey can you fix the duplicate technique bug on dbz online adventures you need a forget tech and trans verb on here because my main got like 12334827 tech dupes now cause of it
Shawn is a crappy admin, need to remove him.
DeathBringer111, Ztupid, and I all need unbanning please.
Nick, when you read this. Hit me up.