Poll: what type of game should gravarg be?

cooperative 50% (8)
deathmatch 37% (6)
other (leave a post!) 12% (2)

Only members of can vote.

in a blog post below you can see a simple game i've been working on: gravarg

there's more explanation in the last post but i honestly don't know which type of game to make gravarg

it could be an awesome cooperative game, a hectic deathmatch, a 4-way tsif clone, i really have no clue!

so that's why i'm asking you guys for help
Death match.

Not too many of those floating around.

gah, who voted other and didn't leave a post? :(
Rugg wrote:
Death match.

Not too many of those floating around.

You kidding? Most games around here are competitive.

Go cooperative. Much more interesting.
Except you'd end up getting some stupid kid eventually that would ruin the whole game because he is forced to cooperate with you when he just wants to sabotage it. :/ However, I do vote cooperative and I think you should just implement a system that allows their partners to stop their teammates.
how does the "each color sees things differently" thing work? that may spark some ideas.
if you want me to i can host something real fast to show you how it works
do host if you can! the idea sounds fun =)

i suggest also writing how it works here, though, since other people that arent on may have some ideas related to the system, too

it's hard to explain in words!