Yay fishy!

Scary fishy. :-(

Don't look now, but someone's about to get chomped...

This is one frame of a short work-in-progress animation, by yours truly. That tangled-looking thing down the bottom is a carnivorous disembodied human hand that lives on the sea floor.

It's art. It's allowed to be odd.
Looks quite neat, actually. I look forward to seeing the finished animation. Be sure to let me know. :)
I like the mood and the lighting
Aw, was I the only one expecting the dope fish?
What program are you using? Flash?
Not Flash; Maya. Because Maya is teh leetness.

The light ray is procedurally generated and everything... it actually fades out as the big fish swims across, so it looks like the fish is blocking out the sun. I love it.