You know Mayhem Intergalactic is awesome, right? Of course you do! (If you don't, check out the video below.)

But most of the rest of the world doesn't! So if you think MI is awesome (and really, who wouldn't?) do them all a favour and digg it. Your contribution to the groupthink mind of digg will be much appreciated. ;-)

If you're an extra special fan, maybe you could even sneak it onto your blog as well... but please no spamming, of course. =)

Thanks to Worldweaver for posting this on digg.
No problem, another venue that you might want to post it on is, or I can do that for you.

is there any usual time for multi player games?
Yeah, I've bought as well, so hopefully that excuses me for having to go through the signup process for a website... by the way, Crispy, what port does MI use for multiplayering?
Go ahead if you like, Worldweaver - I'm not too fussed since these things don't often have a huge impact. Nice to have though. =)

There isn't any usual time for multiplayer games right now, but you can try setting something up on the forums. There are a couple of other people looking for games as well.

MI uses port 7465 by default, though you can change this when you set up the server.

As an aside, I just released version 1.0.2. Woo. Dedicated servers, baby!

Of other relevance, does it matter that the digg entry links to, and the Inventive Dingo site seems to be down currently?

edit: Also, in a grand gesture, I went ahead and made the MI digg entry "MY #1." Pay up.
Thanks. :-)

the Inventive Dingo site seems to be down currently?

Eeep! Grr @ DreamHost. :-(

They had some network issues recently but I thought they'd been resolved. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Edit: They've still got DNS issues (which are not mentioned on, funnily enough), and there's a notice on the "contact support" page saying that they should be fixed "by tomorrow". Which is what they said yesterday. Not good enough, guys...
I'll buy the Mac version once it's released.
Only Bioshock and Counter Strike will make me load Windows. =)
Guess I've got some work to do, then.

Not on the Mac port, but on the game itself - must... beat... Counter-Strike! ;-)