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Due to the overwhelming poll results, (see previous post), I've decided to go back to working on Kingdoms again. However since 4.0's release, the interface really seemed lacking. So, I figured since I enjoy working on that kind of stuff, that would be a good way for me to start.

Click for larger image.

I've still got to adjust some of the text output color, and some info still isn't being sent to correct control. I managed to somehow break the actual game itself for the moment, but I don't want to try and fix it until I get this finished. Otherwise, I'll probably just break it again. :P

I also need some sort of logo graphic to go over the spot where all the pieces are listed for people who aren't in the game. I'm sure there will be other modifications needed as I actually get the game playable and see how things work, but I think it looks pretty damn nice so far.
Awesome! You finally got the whole thing working! I love it. :D
Looks amazing, just like all your stuff.
Pretty. Very, very pretty. Most pretty. <3
Me likey =)
Dang, that's good-looking! I think one of the BYOND Staff guys (maybe Mike H, but I'm not sure) was looking for screenshots to show off the 4.0 features. I'd say this is a shoo-in.
Nice css i like it it looks pretty cool. And the image at the top i like. Keep up the good work and ill join ur guild.