Now with proper capitalization!
fucking awesome.
Someone needs to help me finish my CSS.
It's yeller.

I like.

(Though having all my text converted to lowercase gets old real fast.)
Looks good!
well, i do plenty fine with women. Plus i get very high grades in school. So i dont know why i care
good job!
Not bad, Yeller, but I highly suggest removing the forced lowercase, at least for comments. Also, the blue background doesn't go very well with the yellow title bars.
Alright, I made it so the comments are no longer a forced lowercase. =p

I really can't think of another color to use for the background though.

Any suggestions?
Add the old background and go on msn.
The wavy background looks much better. I would, however, suggest changing the white header link color to black, or something close. The white on yellow doesn't show up well, and is a little hard to read.
Hmmm, I can't seem to find where to change that at, I've literally changed all of the text to black.

Let me try fiddling around with it just a tad bit more...
Try .comment a
Ha, thanks Mikau.

Anything else you guys would like changed?
moar jigawattz

maebe a caoboi hat
Me likes.
Yeah, I like it. It's a bit odd, really, but it looks good enough for my taste.

A small idea, though, carry that wavy pattern onto other areas. The header bars could have that wavy in the peachish color.