I made up an in game logo for Kingdoms this evening. It includes the full name, 'Flindal: Kingdoms' for those who have been lamenting Flindal's demise. :P

It is actually made to go directly over the piece selection grid located in the top right corner of the previous post's screenshot. Spectators in games don't need to see the piece selection and other game related stuff, so I'll place the logo there instead.
Ooh, I like it.
Sexy(I really like the Handle)
I think the handle looks a little wierd, might be the way how you shaded the whole thing. That doesn't stop it from looking good though. Nice work! :D
It looks like an orange.
It's pretty good, but the filigree/binding of the hilt looks rushed, and the contrast between the hilt and the background is too low -- it looks as through the pommel is floating in space, with some sort of DNA strand attaching it to the tang.
Yeah, pretty much exactly what I said when I posted it at Pixel Art.
It's a quick piece, and the hilt needs work. :P