Quitting because I was the downfall of a community.

I wasn't quite a major part of it, but I was part of Propaganda.

We were what started all of this against Masterdan, as a mindless prank for just a few cheap laughs. Then it spread, similar to a propaganda causing an RSC Extractor to be released in his name and people to constantly bash him.

Is it honestly fair for one man to be abused because of us? I don't think so.

I hope you all can accept my apology. This is the end for me this time, for real.

Yet, I leave you with one thing:
The world, you see, keeps turning, and we must turn with it. Don't let the mysteries of yesterday mystify you today. Only losers think like that. You've got to change with the times.

Cya next week.
Yeller. =[
Deemed my respect.
I second Basik.
hr :-( you will be missed.
see you around.
What was that all about?
A group of people decided to use an .rsc extractor and use it to rip someone's game in the anime guild, and then proceeded to spam Byond with links to this game's resources. People blamed propaganda because we somewhat started this whole deal with a couple of joke pictures.

These same 2 people that did this went a step further and released the .rsc extractor publicly, and linked to propaganda on the page making people complain even more about propaganda.

That's pretty much in it a nut shell.
Time for the shotgun already?
i've always done pretty good with girls, and gotten good grades so i don't know why i care
You won't come back if I call this time will ya? C'ya round Yeller.
Propaganda is lame. Yeller was cool. :/
F34R wrote:
i've always done pretty good with girls, and gotten good grades so i don't know why i care

Yeller, keep in touch!
Resource doesn't matter ^-^... It's the scripts I'm worried about. Thus far seems pretty secure...