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I made (edited an image I found online) this wall paper a while ago (A year, maybe?), and have been enjoying it since. I figured that if I liked it so much, someone else out there might enjoy it.

Buddha Wallpaper - [1024x768] [1280x1024] [1400x1050]

Also, would you believe that I'm so vain that I actually used an image of myself as a wallpaper for a while? It wasn't very long (probably a month), and I had just made serveral other images of my brothers in the same style, but still...
My wallpapers went from a zeppelin collage for about a year or so, then it went to a picture of Eddie Vedder which was on the right side on a black canvas, then when I was engaged for a while it was a picture of my fiancee, now(single again) it's a picture of ol' Vedder again. desktopwallpaper1.png

That's my desktop wall paper.
For a while it was the Starship Voyager. Otherwise it was the solid colour black or some random cool looking image I stumbled upon in DeviantArt.

(Mine is full sized by the way. Photobucket probably resized the photo on upload)
You look like Evan baxter.

You've got that whole Illusionist thing going on :P
Pure black backgrounds for the win. That said, when you're running the awesome insane resolutions that I do (That's just how I roll, yo), you can't afford to fill it up with pictures.
Heh, I like the one of you. It makes it seem like your desktop is watching out for those AOL trial links that always seem to appear when you install something new.

My current home desktop is pretty simple. It's just plain with the shortcuts on one side and an active desktop item featuring the TV guide on the other (set to resync every night at 1AM, so I always know what's on).
You need a sexy mahogany pipe, monocle, and tophat.

I'd take you home, and keep you in my basement.
Sorry. I just saw your wallpaper and noticed it was of the traditional monk. I felt the need to make one of the stereotypical "fat buddha" monk.
What's to be sorry about? I like the image :P

Perhaps I should make something based on this image I drew years ago:

Edit: At the time, I wasn't quite sure how to spell Buddha.