there were hundreds to not 1?
Although I'm not to sure of the entire situation;

Due to whats most likely to be a copyright issue, Square Enix has requested Final Fantasy games to be removed from byond listings. On top of that, Funimation series based games cannot be listed.
FFO - Gaku is slowly removing all references and such relating to FF and turning it into an original game called Terulia. This has been ongoing for at least 2+ years.

FF:THG - After years of development hell on the much acclaimed Version 8 update, the game was largely abandoned by the remaining members of the Brotherhood staff. In the last few months it has been picked up by a small group of former players but sounds like from the comment on the game's hub it is also removing references to FF and becoming an original game.

FFL - Taken down in reaction to the DMCA from Square Enix.

FF5:AW - Game was taken down by the DMCA, in the process of removing FF references. Seems to also have entered a development hiatus for now as well. According to their forums, the old game was hosted on a private hidden address for a time but even that was eventually taken down.

Don't think there were any other prominent FF games on Byond besides these ones.
damn. thanks for letting me know that everyone.

couldn't stand to lose 100 of their customers.

how i feel about this i can't say.
because my comment got deleted for language.