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please give me second chance in Cow RP

i'm banned

please please please
The admins on Cow RP are dumb. Also, I thought looting was meant for dead bodys, not just the players. Also, could you un-ban me? + I would like the complete coding of Cow RP. Also,
female cows don't have horns.
Hi. do you have skype?
I am banned for being new and my friend was playing he killed a horse so im banned and its been 2 years UNBAN ME PLEASE!!!
I broke all the rules yes but it also been 2 years unban me and whybe and my ip adress
Why isnt Cow RP on?
please,can you make Cow RP server so we can continue playing?
AND YOU MADE AWESOME GAME (and simple so we can unnestand it)
Again?!?! offline
please unban me someone told me to kill
hey Bovine_Buddy create a download so people can play bby them selve
Hey old timer, any projects you are working on?
Ban Warlord Fred he banned me for no fucking reason i didnt took my old stuff from my old character
and plz unban me
In response to Johnpauleder
Warlord fred is good guy,hes admin and he knows what he does and you did something wrong because youre banned
Hey Bovine Buddy i was just playing cow rp and i was minding my own business following KorusTehRobot because we are irl friend and three people perm banned me and i cant get back on
What did i get banned for i think they accidently perm banned me if its the hayley thing shes my friend so i was kidding
I would ask you to unban my ip,I did not kill everyone, i only buried bodies,to clean the castle,if I did something wrong it was not on purpose,I just ask that you guys take eternal banishment and exchange for days or months,I like cowed and never broke the rules before.
has cow RP been updated recently, or was it always version 3.5?
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