I got a BYOND Membership!
so that I could have a pic on the forums =o
worth 15 bux? duno o.O
Totally. Who needs free webspace that costs money?
Please can u make ur server from heroes united stay online every day and can u get lag fixed
If the only reason you paid $15 was to have a picture on your posts, then yeah I think it was a waste of money. :P

So don't let it go to waste and utilize the journal and hosting space you got with it!
My OCD will make me check the blog for Gold Guardians news every week if that makes you feel any better. ;)
aljandro iso un juego k-po

falasy quiero hablar con vos puedo
how do i get in a byond guild?
how do i get in a byond guild?

yours truly unknown
plz bring back Bleach Eternity that only reson i became a stray member
Hmm Me too Its Fun being a BYOND Member :D!!
Has Falacy died?
falacy can u help me with the coding for text or the subscribe code plzz
Does anybody Know any clan coding cuz im making a game