Naval Warfare

by Flare SilverBend
Multiplayer naval warfare game in the making.
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Status: Open

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I feel like there are a few ways gameplay could be improved.

1. Limited Ammunition - Say I launch 10 torpedoes and I run out. Have me run to land where I will be vulnerable to attack while I'm restocked

2. Increase Cooldowns - Right now I feel like I can easily fire a bunch of torpedoes at once and keep doing that. It makes for small skill game, increase the cooldown to make it more difficult to spam

- 2b. Switching weapons - I can fire torpedoes 1 and 3 back to back no sweats. That's probably not a cool idea (but maybe you like it, I dunno). If the weapons are different, force the player to change weapons (requiring a small cooldown) and then they can shoot.

3. Weapon Damage - From what I played, all weapons kill you in 1 hit. Perhaps that was the intention, but personally I feel like there should be a little more than 1 hit to die. This would also make a difference between the weapons (as of now they all seem to be relatively the same speed and kill you in 1 hit).

4. Move delay - I can run around the map like a tard and it's all good. I'd say add a small cooldown for walking (so you have to dodge at the right moment in multiple ship combat rather than just run around).