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Sorry it's been a while on the updates, I've got a full-time job now so time has become a precious resource. This weekend I'll send off the camera to Zaltron. Promise.

Also, having a job means having income which means getting an iPhone from a friend who's visiting America. Awesomes!
I've been wondering why I haven't recieved a camera yet. Probably good that it's been delayed. Fall's here, the trees are starting to turn colors, Should make for a nice picture
I've recieved the camera. You need to email me where I need to send it to after I take a picture.
hey fyi zaltron is sending me the camera next so i can get a picture of oktoberfest before it ends. i'll send it to thorg when i'm done.

I'm not sure the status on the Camera, I sent it to Ben G ages ago. I think he said he moved as it was sending except that it'd get to him. Haven't heard anything about it though. Nor has the camera returned to sender if it were not to have made it to him. Just curious if it's still out there.