You ever have that dream where you are at school/work/someplace, and you forgot to wear pants?
So did this guy:

I've been working on sprites for a project I'm using to make myself feel better about not working on the projects I'm supposed to be working on... I'm not really very experienced with drawing player sprites, but I think they've come out pretty well so far.
Those are some high-quality icons! Nice work.
I like the facial expressions on the ones around the pantless and naked guys.
Interesting, they have a 60's Sci-Fi feel to them.
Wow, nice work!

I must say though...the 4th icon on the top row looks a lot like IainPeregrine.
Very nice. Sexylicious.
Some of them have the Pedosmile.
Heh. That fourth one on the top row is supposed to be me, minus all the fat. And I haven't drawn any long hair yet. It does look quite a bit like Iain though. :)

Naked guy is awesome.
Your the shit man..... Dont let anyone tell you elsewise ;)