Session Two of the BYOND Classics has now started!
Here is the list of games we're going to play:

1) Space Tug by Gughunter (5:00 PM Central Time)

2) Tanks by Shadowdarke (6:00 PM Central Time)

3) Night Fantastic by Zilal (7:00 PM Central Time)

The following times may change depending on the type of crowd I get in each game. We would also like if you join, Chat by Evi of Au, as communication in game and between switching games may be easier. (Make sure to join the BYOND Classics channel)

Don't know what time the game will be hosted in your own time zone? Visit here.

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I'm pretty sure Tanks is by Shadowdarke, not Lexy ;)
Thank you for the correction, I don't know how I let that one slip by.
Pretty good game, I loved it back in the day.