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density = 1
icon = 'JPG/neoascreen1.JPG'

I did that, but it says it can't find file. And i'm always having issues with the screens I import into the dm. It comes under external and the file is jpg. The name of the file is neoascreen1. Can someone help me out? =] oh and explain a little of it too, I never get it lol.

Would JPG be the folder the screen is in?
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it is in an external folder
The folders you want to use that hold icons need to be located in the game's main folder.
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Oh okay, but when I open the file i created from my documents> pictures it becomes an external file automatically, how do I get the image in without it becoming an external file?
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Drag the file into your project folder. (the game)
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Couldn't quite figure out HOW exactly to drag it in until i fooled around with it a little =] then there was an error so I removed the JPG/ after icon and then used lowercase and after compiling there were no errors. So when I ran the game, nothing appeared, other than the commands tab I setup with the verbs. But my map didn't appear and neither did my Login Screen I created. Am I missing another code?