Gughunter posted about some graphical type Byond programs, and mentioned that my Coloring Book program was not available. I decided to recompile and upload it, however it no longer worked with Byond 4.0, since my F_Color_Selection library needed updating. So I had to update that first, than update Coloring Book. It will be interesting to see how many downloads Color Selection gets in the next few days. The last version had over 80000 downloads. :P
I just sat here for 20 minutes coloring. :)
:) I had some pretty big plans for that, lots of different pictures and patterns and such, but the actual pictures take forever to make. Each one creates about a thousand icon states, and then I have to remove hundreds of them by hand. It takes hours. At one time I had almost managed to automate the whole process, but thats been years ago. Maybe I'll try and look that up again.
Dream Makers gets results! :)