Okay, so maybe it doesn't merit three veries: it's a list of the best movie hairstyles. I guessed Princess Leia would be on this list, though I didn't know she'd come in first. showbiznews.html?in_article_id=485709

There's one personal favorite that didn't make the list, though: Sean Young in Blade Runner. She and Princess Leia should have made a movie together. The crew would have had to use cattle prods to keep the coiffures from fighting.

I've always liked Rachael Leigh Cook's hair in that Josie and the Pussycats movie. Granted it was based on a cartoon character but she wears it well.
It's good hair, but judging by the amount of cigarette smoke around it I predict it's going to die of lung cancer by the age of 30.

(Yes, I am aware that the actress in question is alive and well at 47 years of age, and still appears to have hair. She's probably wearing a wig.)
We've now gone insane enough on the whole cigarette thing that people vastly over-estimate the health impact of smoking on life expectancy.

As I understand it, smoking for most of your adult life may reduce your life expectancy by a few years (most people estimate 10 or more years, when it's more like 2-4). Of course there may be other unpleasant complications along the way.

I don't smoke and don't have any plans to start (and have no interest in being in smoke-filled rooms), but I find it very uncomfortable the degree to which the world has turned into a Nanny State on this issue.
Yeah, it's not just the years you lose, it's the painful throat and lung cancer on the way there.

I really don't care if someone smokes, but I hate having to breathe the stuff and getting the stench in my clothing. So, if smokers find a self contained way to do it, more power to them, otherwise, (to quote a old chestnut) your freedom stops where my face begins. Would anyone tolerate me spitting on every person within 15 feet because I enjoy it? Also, having to pay the medical bills for uninsured smokers sucks for every taxpayer.
Also, having to pay the medical bills for uninsured smokers sucks for every taxpayer.

Ate any cheeseburgers lately? If so, be wary of that slippery slope...
No. And I have medical insurance ;-P
I am fully aware that I was exaggerating. It was a joke. =)

And for the most part, if people want to give themselves lung cancer, fine; I don't really care. Just as long as they don't smoke at me in the process, because I hate the stench of that stuff.
It was a joke.

Unfortunately, not everyone is joking...