It's ridiculously far from done, but i was really bored so yeah. haha I want to make the creepers look like rabbits.

Minecraft ftw <3 - and I re-did the horse sprite to look like Nyan-Cat :D
lol the rabbit thing is an inside joke between me, blazekid and maybe a tester or two... Every single time Rabbits are involved something bad happens. I keep trying to loot rabbit fur, but I can't because we always die in the dungeons before making it out. Every time I go to fight a rabbit, I'll press F2 or be typing something and look up to see my character dead. The first time we added rabbits into the game, they were bugged and had no flesh and looked like evil balls of meat and would lag the game tremendously if you walked near them.

Rabbits are satan.
Fear the almighty Rabbit. PS: I'm totes back on byond now Yut.