Several of my libraries have been BYONDscape exclusives for years now. I've decided to set them free. :)

These libraries are now full access for anyone:


Fast and easy dynamic lighting. (Needs some serious work for BYOND 4.0. The changes to view() have been a real problem.)


Navigate lists of datums through a collapsable tree view.


Pixel based directional projectiles


I wonder if any of my stuff is still BYONDscape exclusive, I don't think it is. Pretty sure I freed all of my stuff already.

Still love sd_tree and pixel projectiles, they're super-handy. Dynamic Lighting is good too, but with 4.0 out it's pretty 'out of date' now. Once it can work like that one dynamic lighting system you helped me fix up that night it'll be golden. I'd release mine, but I dread making it user-friendly =P.
I love you.
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