Very encouraging. Also, I watched some of the latest videos from IGN and the game world looks pretty huge. assassinscreed
It is rather huge, I think you can go between at least three different cities which are all built to be massive. I like the fact that if it looks like you can climb it, you probably can. Assassin's Creed is on my list of games to get when it's released.
I slapped Assassins Creed into my WANT bookmarks folder on Firefox shortly after I realised my PC met the recommended specs :-D.
I'm looking forward to it, too, as the proud owner of a new Xbox 360 as of my birthday.

I'm most looking forward to the go-anywhere environment and the civilians' reactions to your presence, but I'm sure the actual game itself will be quite fun too. ;-)
Until today, my attitude was "Yeah, it'll probably be good, but I bet the Kingdom won't be all that big, and these games that promise lots of different ways to approach a goal rarely deliver on the promise." But after watching a few of the latest IGN videos today, my personal "gotta have it" meter went through the roof. It looks like the cities and countryside were designed to San Andreas scale.
Gughunter wrote:
It looks like the cities and countryside were designed to San Andreas scale.

They most likely are, if you've seen any videos where Altair is on top of an extremely high building, everything you see you can get to. Getting on to high buildings is a key to unlocking your map which is covered in fog until you do so and making it possible to plan routes for assassination and whatnot.
one of my favourite things to do in a videogame that allows it is to climb really really high and see how far I can see/jump.

Spiderman 2 was probably the funnest game in the world as far as this sort of thing goes. there's really no telling how much excitement I got out of climbing onto the Empire State Building and jumping, only to web to safety at the very last second.

it sounds like Assassin's Creed will be right up my alley, too :] the fact that the world is San Andreas scale is incredible, because as far as I know there're no vehicles that Altair can hop into. San Andreas was pretty painfully large even with vehicles, so how exhilerating will this be!

Gug, have you tried out Call of Duty 4 yet? it has the honour of being one of the few times this fella has shed a tear while playing a videogame -- and not because of the difficulty on Veteran, either!

it gets a definite Tezz stamp of approval. a rent if you're offline only, but a definite buy if you're into online gaming.

just be prepared to be doing a lot of muting :\
I wonder if they'll have horses. Maybe not.

Call of Duty 4 is on my list of games to rent, but I still have my copy of Crackdown until Remembrance Day. I'm going to see if I can't get them to set aside Saint's Row for me before I go for CoD4, though.
Jtgibson wrote:
I wonder if they'll have horses. Maybe not.

They will have horses, there have been videos shown with horse combat.
Oh, well, there we go, then. We'll have our sportscars and our ATVs in a 1-horsepower package!

(Yes, I know a horse doesn't actually have 1 horsepower, since Watt extrapolated from a group of mining ponies.)
Hazman wrote:
I slapped Assassins Creed into my WANT bookmarks folder

Do you have a corresponding DO NOT WANT! bookmarks folder?
dear Gughunter,

where is your personal Assassin's Creed review?

your friend,
I've played assassins creed already, my buddy bought it.

The three cities are MASSIVE. You can climb all buildings as well, there is even missions to view cities from high places. There is horse combat, the melee combat is amazing.

10/10 game.
I was chatting on #bay12games the other day and someone mentioned that it depends a lot on your taste. They said that the gameplay amounted to the following:

1. Receive a contract.
2. Meet your handler.
3. Gather data on that contract (3-5 times).
4. Get approval from your handler.
5. Kill the target.

Every single kill is supposedly the same, just with a different locale.

I'm still looking forward to renting it, but I'm not getting my hopes up, especially if it has any sort of a "sit around and watch patrol routes" mentality. That sort of thing is gut-wrenchingly intense while you're playing a computer roleplaying game where your actions actually matter, but just work to me when playing a quest-oriented action or espionage game.

The standard that all games should live up to, with regards to espionage, is Metal Gear Solid (the first one) and Goldeneye 64. They combine a healthy mix of realistic stealth with a healthy amount of action-oriented gameplay, and in neither case are you explicitly forced to be stealthy.
I'm still looking forward to renting it, but I'm not getting my hopes up, especially if it has any sort of a "sit around and watch patrol routes" mentality.

Nope, stealth is very different in this game (and far more enjoyable than most stealth games are for me). You get a yellow warning indicator when a guard can see you -- no big deal; you can even act up a little (like throwing annoying beggars to the ground) and get off with just a scolding. You get a red warning when a guard can see you and he's aware there's a killer on the loose -- not necessarily a big deal, if you don't get too close to him, or if you have the patience to move close to him slowly in the "blend" posture (posing as a scholar/monk).

It takes a little while to learn when you can do what -- a stealth assassination of a guard is safe when another one is about three yards away (you can be strolling off down the street by the time he sees his buddy keel over). In some cases this is a little unrealistic because you're the only person who could have possibly done it, but that didn't bother me at all. When I want realism I can turn off the game and vacuum the living room.
Sounds like it'll be right up my alley, then. Sometimes I'd beat the snot out of those poor guards in Metal Gear Solid just because I could. ;-)