My little* son, Jacob, was born on Wednesday, November 21st (almost a week overdue, and induced at that... who knows how long he'd have taken on his own; a procrastinator like his dad)

So that hopefully explains why I've been quiet recently (and not likely to be too active for a little while longer)

I'll post some more details later!

*9lbs 3oz, 21 1/2 inches (so not so "little"... of course, his old man weighed in at 9lbs 12oz, so it must run in the family!)

Congrats! :D
Nice. I would have named my son Gohan.
Nice. ;)
Congratulations sir! :)
Congrats man.
Congrats man.
awesome, dude! congratulations :D

hopefully some pictures will be coming with more details? :]

my boss is expecting a kid in a few months and it's really really exciting stuff to even be on the outside looking in, so I can't imagine how happy you must be!
Congrats, but dont overdue it, my mom has 6 children and they are wild.
Congrats, I have a girl on the way due in March.
I would have named him goku.
wow, Congrats!

Little Goten we will have to call him.
Congratulations! Have fun being a dad! =p
Gratz =)

I've always heard that being born large is healthier.
Awesome! May all your parenting experiences be pleasant!
Thanks, everyone!

I'll have pictures up eventually (I'd do it right now, but I'm just stopping through while he's sleeping)

Things are going along good! (well, as best as can be expected for having a newborn)

Could of named him SuperSaiyanGokuX Jr.
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