You may have missed the forum post I used to update those interested, but I also have some new information.

If you didn't already know, the team has moved to Vancouver to work closely with HotHead Games.

I was in the dark for a while after they moved, so I recently spoke to the CEO of CambrianHouse for an update which clarified some things:

Only three developers moved to Vancouver to work on gwabs (Danger, Mikey, and Greg). However, he also said the team grew substantially by like 8 members, which is great.

Gwabs beta is projected to be released in January -- but you know how that goes :) Hopefully they're accurate with this projection.

By the way, if you guys are interested in crowdsourcing games for profit, there is a cool contest going on at CambrianHouse, and the code type is open to any language that can handle 3D fairly efficiently: Develop a prototype for ChessSphere and win $600 and shares in what sounds like a worth-while product. Link:

A personal update:

I'm working full-time as a PHP developer. Bet 'cha didn't see that coming.
So, I don't get it. Is gwabs your creation?
Full time PHP developer? Nice effort. =P
I think GWABS is just some sort of scam. =P
It's been what like two years since you sold it to them?
PHP Developer? Definitely didn't see that one coming. Nice though!
PHP? Not ASP.Net? Wow. And congrats.
ASP is the devil!
I love ASP.NET, but I took the first solid offer I got.

Turns out PHP5 has a lot of what I previously thought lacked in PHP. Good thing I gave it a chance, it's actually not a bad language. At least version 5, but ASP.NET is still better in most respects.

Jermman: I don't own the IP of gwabs and I didn't do most of the development. I was the idea co-creator. Gwabs is still a CambrianHouse/HotHead product.

Flame Sage: I don't get why people think it's not going to be finished or worse, that it's some sort of scam. The team was small and had a lot of work, it's understandable that it would get delayed substantially. It's also backed by multiple multi-million dollar companies. HotHead Games is obviously a legit and popular gaming company (they're making the Penny Arcade game). Even 3DO's biz dev genius Hal Josephson offered to help out. No scam is going to be intertwined with multiple legit companies. And if you question cambrianhouse, they have handed out well over $20,000 to people for little in return so far, I hardly think they could even pull off a scam that could make up for the money they lost. There is far more money in business than in petty crime.
ASP is better when the sky turns red and rivers of lava flow over the earth.
Note that we're talking about ASP.NET and not ASP. PHP is far better than ASP; ASP is obsolete. However, ASP.NET is by far the top language in every way except when it comes to resource management and having to use windows for IIS.

ASP.NET is backed by an applications language, is fully OOP on the server side and fully XML on the client side. It rocks.