Cow RP

by Bovine_Buddy
Cow RP
A roleplaying game with a fantasy medieval setting. Version 4.041 - 1/31/2017
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Cowrp:Remastered/CowRp: Dark Ages by Bovinebuddy is a great Role Playing Game, but "grievers" and people who just kill somebody for a freaking instrument does damage to this game.

The Good: An above average building system that lets you build houses, dungeons, fortresses, and farms any where you want, this can of course, be abused to trap people anywhere.

Some good people who are excellent Roleplayers.

Nice night and day system. It also has an excellent sleep and hunger system that is unique.

Overall it's great fun to be a peasant (thats what I played as) and I assume it would be even more fun to be one of the games special classes like a necromancer, jester, and king. There are tons of things to do in this game, the main one would be to have fun.

The Bad:


Here is a log somebody posted in the game:TehSwordfish OOC: Harry Levron attacks Jonathan Leafman!
Harry Levron attacks Jonathan Leafman!
Harry Levron attacks Jonathan Leafman!
Harry Levron attacks Jonathan Leafman!
Harry Levron attacks Jonathan Leafman!

This Leafman killed Harry for a trumpet.. A freaking trumpet.

About thirty minutes into the game some moron came in and whacked my head and proceeded to kill me for no reason, no reason at all..

The Ugly:

During my play session in CRP there seemed to be a bug that caused the screen to go black and freeze the entire game causing mass re-logging with no solution to it.

I was apparently in an RP session that (according to the majority of the players) was a noob filled round.

My rating: 8.2/10
Actually, I killed because the game had gone down with the griefers already, and mainly because I wanted to see if I could be stopped -- well, I guess not. Appearantly one person can overthrow the entire kingdom.

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I dislike the game personally.
Rinkuu wrote:
I can do what now?

I went ahead and did it for you, but you can edit the post and at the bottom enter the author or game name and attach the review to the hub.

Look below the Games Live list. :)

How you do that?!
A Reasonable Game, Yes.

Reasonable Players, Usually not.

Greifing, To Much.

Good Rpers, Not many.
I like the game i am think there are some good RPers i love the new subclass just added for the peasant class
this game is actually SOO much fun. Hahaha, im in it right now but nobody else is :(
Good game. Bad community. Owner doesn't usually check the suggestions. My rating: 7/10
did anyone else get a big like bug cause it shut my comp down then i restart the game up it says cow rp in the blue thing then goes away it doesnt say im banned so i dont know if u have this happer aim me at monkeybutbut2
Did anyone else notice that in the review it complains that Leafman killed Harry for an instrument, but it qoutes Harry beating up leafman?
WTF, Mate?
No IC in OOC is an essential rp rule. Any good rper knows why.
I just wish this game had a bit of a better community. Like perhaps a server you have to be checked by to enter. And once you are checked, your IP would be added to a list that would allow you in. This game to me is essentially the best RP game on BYOND next to SS13, but grievers are not rare, but plentiful, and every round I hear of grieving. If this problem was fixxed, along with the small bugs I've heard of(not seen), then this game deffinatly deserves a spot in the big leagues..if that makes any sense.
Griefers do have the ability to ruin a great game.
I was king for the first time and my own gaurd betrayed me!
As a GM, I will say that this game has serious problems rooted in the intellect of the players. Bo has very clearly stated the rules of the game several times. Those who are banned are banned because the owner wants them banned. A game stuffed with reasonless murder is nothing more than idiocy. And, in response to Martin33594's comment, a knight were not blood-thirsty monsters. Knights were noble and loyal servants of their lord, who never thought ill of him under oath and who died in combat issued and decided upon by the king. Your vision and showing of a knight is a mentally retarded cripple with low language skills running around with a sword attempting to kill everything from trees to the king himself. At that, good day to you all.
Seal of death wrote:
I was king for the first time and my own gaurd betrayed me!

Live with it.

Girls get GM all too often because they are so rare. Unfortunately they are often very unqualified since they get special treatment.
Didn't one of the staff on BLN start an internet relationship with the owner?

I hear she gets away with anything. So that furthers that statement.
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