by Yut Put
Explore epic dungeons and slay epic foes with your friends in a huge, epic fantasy action RPG world.
At last, we release Epic 0.5! This is yet another huge leap for the game. Here's a quick list of some of the major changes:

-4 new dungeons added to the new city of Huzza. Save the world(ya rly.) from the chaos god!
-Banks added to all towns(Excluding Start). You can store items in them if you don't want to sell everything.
-New crafting items, etc. in the 0.5 dungeons
-Polish in older dungeons to fix bugs, inefficiencies, and other stuffs
-Many, many bug fixes and tweaks based on user feedback
-Changes to the difficulty curve and balances and stuff. Yup :)

This update does not contain many new features besides the bank, but that is because we spent so much time making tweaks and fixes and I'm also nearing a point where I feel that the game is starting to have everything it needs. User feedback/complaints have greatly decreased in playtests, because we've spent so much time polishing the game :)

Oh, and if you get to Huzza, hope to meet these guys:

I'll be quite honest, this is the proof in the pudding that you don't need eccentric and overly flashy icons to make a great looking game. I've never played Epic (Too busy) but it does look like a wonderful game, just based on the short video provided. But what kind of help would I be without at least one tidbit of advice? I know in this early of a build, that interface really isn't of importance, but what I think would really bring out your game and make it perfect would be the total elimination of the input() and alert() popups. Having a custom popup would just put that glimmering finish on the project. Although in the great scope of things, a lot more can be changed and done, you've done quite well with this project and honestly inspires me to actually get some work done on mine. It's been difficult with school, work, and the "sudden surprise" a month ago, but I'll manage.

Very nice game, 8.5/10, custom popups and a bit more polish would give a 10 from me. Good work.
We do have custom popups for yes or no prompts, party invites, and quests(quests also have a custom alert proc).

Input is much faster for portals however and it was so trivial we didn't waste our time on it. Not one has complained about the use of input() for the warp pad because players spend 1-2 seconds looking at it between every hour of game-play.

And we use no alert() procs. Input is only used once, which is for portals. Overall, using input in one tiny moment of the game-play does not affect the look of the game at all and it's extremely silly to focus on such a small detail when it actually enhances the game-play to be a little more user-friendly.
The water type doesn't look like a "water type" imo. Looks more like some kind of a demon.
Wow, I forgot to play the video back and gee am I quiet.

And the water god is an octopus. Not lookin' for criticism here since it's final lol, but personally he's my favorite of the gods
Didn't hear a word you said. But the game looks awesome!
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Oh, very nice then, I shall amend my previous rating to a 9.5. I'll give it a 10 if I ever get around to actually playing the game, which is highly doubtful, but still, nice project.
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