For those of you who downloaded my sources to play or work on SD, you may have noticed SD's AI was broken. This, I believe, was caused by it not including an edit I was using of Theodis' pathfinding library. I told everybody I no longer have that edit, but I think I just found it.

In the sources you downloaded, I seem to have included a folder full of Theodis' libs, and I remember using the Pathfinding edit in Fate as well. So look for the folder in Fate and include THAT lib in your SD project.

Just so you know, SD is incompatible with Theodis' updated versions of the lib, so don't update that source in the SD folder unless you REALLY like to debug.
I lost all the source files in a computer crash and would like you to send them again if possible, I also found a group of people willing to fix the game so that would be quite nice. I got the HUB set up and I'm just getting all the finishing touches in to make it look pretty or whatever, then it's game time! Please contact me personally for the address though, I'd prefer not to post it where someone can start spamming me because they got bored one day.