I have to say this feels good on the iPhone
Yea becuase you said so much with it, pointless feature
Pointless phone, you have to pay to do damn near anything on it, then if you "hack" it to bypass paying, your phone will most likely be bricked, and then your dumbass will be left with a $300 piece of plastic.
Haha jealous much people? xD jk

I love the iPhone, and I take advantage of every feature on a daily basis. Browsing with Safari on the iPhone is awesome and works amazingly well, better than browsing on any other phone.

Either way, before I had an iPhone I hated all the smart phone BS, never thought I'd use any of it. But after having it, I love it, even if it's not something I "need".

But as always, haters will hate, just enjoy your phone ;)
There's nothing to hate on? Are you attempting to say I can't afford it? I bought my blackberry pearl for about the same price. I mean really, what can you do on your phone that I can't do on mine? Besides touch the screen, because all that does is get finger prints.
well its an alright phone I'm paying 150$ a month but thats worth it for me since I make 150 a week lol

Psst: Hint for another thing if you want to post hold your finger on the gray pull down bar and it will pull down to make a post it took me a while to get it :O
Feels better on an Archos.
nah I'm on it now
hmm 1,800$s a year for a phone, yep thats sounds like a good deal >.>
I don't have to pay any extra bills if I pay 150 and there are mins left I can continue those mins and don't got to pay. join my guild i phone owns