Flame me you bastards.. *chases you all with his penis*

Bring it on! I will winnar teh flam0r warz11ondonoene.
Five bucks says I will win. >_>
.....your gay aren't you?
I'm not gay, are you? Want butt-secks?
You apperently like the idea......
No, it's not gay to receive, baby. ;)

I'm winning this flame war, you cockeyed bastard! Wink wink. ^_^
So it's gay to give? Isn't that gay.....hhhhhmmmmmm......
Just close your eyes and think it's a woman, if that turns you on, you're not gay, am I wrong? ;)

I already do that with my gf from the front. Jeez if you need sad....
I don't need guys, I thought you were a woman...
You need to picture men as women? AAAAAAAAHHHHHH RUN AWAY!
Don't you have a vagina?!
My gf does but I don't. It's a third arm XD
Alright, then.. I'll borrow your girlfriend, that's how sexy I am.
Just don't look in a mirror, we don't want you to die of shock.
Least my mirror wouldn't break, like yours. That's seven years bad luck, you know.
Nobody can flame me, my IQ is one. :)
Mine breaks from my beatuy, it can't stand the good looks.
That's what you think, maybe.. your IQ is too high, try lowering it, ever try acid or shrooms, they seem to work. :)
I was born with an IQ of one and see how well I've turned out?
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