Stopped booting games. About one in fifty times it'll boot the game, otherwise it either wont load anything or it will read the game disc as a DVD (getting that weak 'put this disc in an XBOX 360 console').
Those odds are just good enough that I'll waste half an hour trying to get Call of Duty 4 to load when I feel like playing Free-For-All. Like a bad lawn mower eventually it'll start up, and then it's fine, but it's still ridiculously frustrating.

It's a good thing it's still under warranty, otherwise I'd be really ticked. At least I've got my Wii sitting there with some new games to play while it's off getting repaired. Samus Aran has saved my butt again.

You should check out the virtual console also. I bought some awesome games on thar o_o
I already own them so there's not really much point. I brought my sister Super Mario World and one of the Donkey Kong Countries, but that's only because the last two SNES' I've loaned her disappeared.
Your CSS is so simply sexy T_T...

yeah Metroid Prime 3 is awesome.
Geez... I don't think that I've met a 360 owner who hasn't had to return their console for repair at one point or another. At least you have Metroid to play!
At least they've done alright with the repairs. I just throw it in a box and mail it to them. They pay for postage and all that.

I'd rather a console that worked, but I had no illusions going into this thing that my 360 was going to out live me.