Keywords: sound, utility
Here are just a few of the features of this great program:

1) It's free!
2) In addition to freeform sound-building, it offers preset category buttons. Each time you click the button you generate a new sound in the category.
3) It also offers a "mutate" button for further experimentation.
4) It exports your sounds to WAV for easy inclusion in BYOND projects!

Consider that your Christmas and/or New Year's present from Dream Makers. Sure, we didn't do any of the work, but we pointed you to it. That's got to count for something, right? sfxr-sound-effects-for-all/
Absolutely beautiful! Thanks Gug :)
Cool. I didn't save any files, but it appears to work in Windows 98SE. Thanks. =)
Oh wow. Just to use some of these sounds, I'm converting my game to 8-bit graphics!

Great find!
yeah that counts o.o
This is officially the most awesome link of the month. I've been looking for something just like this for quite a long time now.
It really is awesome. It only takes about 60 seconds to get a sound you want out of it.
wow, thanks!
Glad you like it, gents!

Koil, thanks for the tip. I think you're right -- I might find that useful.