I'm working on a library for those who would like to make a hex board based game. Movement works, though the graphics seem to update a bit slowly for non-hosting players. The board works fine for any size map, and displays hexes with heights. I'm having some issues with rotating the board at the moment. North and south I've figured out. NW, SW, NE, and SE are being a bit more problematic.
North ViewClick for larger image
South ViewClick for larger image
Not bad at all... Although I dont really care for the hex shape... But I guess to each is his own ^_^... And Kudos on the fact that your making it a "Library" and not just something for you to use(although nothing wrong with that). Nothing like helping BYOND get some different looks for it's games =)..
Neat, it sounds pretty sweet, 1337, and [rhyme]. If you get in North/South/East/West views and release it, I'm sure the developer community wouldn't mind proposing the methods for Northwest/[...]. That is the beauty of open-source software, which happens to be the method of libs on BYOND (though I wouldn't mind pre-compiled libraries being added in the future; when I get around to making my own compiler, I think I'll write up some pre-compiled library format for BYOND for mine to use and for BYOND to officially consider).
Edit: BTW, that's still not going to be any time soon. I'm spreading my priorities very thin right now in my high school senior year, so I still need a more open schedule before any work truly gets done.
Wow, looks good!
Oh man. Somebody, please make a Battletech board game with this!
Hehe, that's pretty awesome. I was working on my own hex board game library a while back, using 60x64 hexes or something around there. I couldn't delete hexes when I tried to replace them with a different type of hex... and I couldn't figure out why that happened. :(

I also had A* pathfinding for hexes, as well as a hex equivalent of range() .
Looks pretty neat. I'm sure we could find some proper uses for it if you get around to releasing it.
Wow. Looks a lot better than mine. I'd release mine in as a public library, but it's really messy internally. Things like view(), circle(), etc were pretty easy, but I just didn't think of them until after I'd written the core of it up. So stuff that should be quite simply is needlessly complex.
Squad Leader time!