Well, life is finally getting better after the crap I had to go through last month.

I get a new job, and then illness and car problems try to rip me away from it, and then on top of that my best friend announces he's moving to Arizona for good this time, and he was the last friend who lived near me.

So I just felt like crap and run down, but I'm not sure if it's just because I'm no longer sick or what, but now I feel really good. I quit smoking two weeks ago and finally have the capacity to stay quit. I have also been going to the gym every single day which makes me feel great.

Now I just hope I can move out soon. I'm tired of living in Utah but I need to stick with my job for a while so I guess it's for the best.

Although I already passed the mock test (which is harder than the real thing), I'm going to put off taking the ZCE (PHP engineer) because it's kind of expensive for me right now. Once I take that, though, I'll be ready to start studying for the MCSD again, this time even more prepared, because in preparing for the ZCE, I learned more about serious OO architecture, learned RegEx, and learned how to crack, which will be great to know for the MCSD tests I will be taking (especially Design and Security). The design test has team management questions on it, though, and I wouldn't know much about that. All of this PHP experience will probably be great for the ASP.NET test too.

I think I'm going to learn how to use linux and maybe some more DBA stuff as well.

I want to enter google's ANDROID developer challenge, but I'm so busy I don't know if I'd have enough time to both make the application AND learn Java. Java is just like C# but it'd still take some time that I don't have.

Either way, other than Gwabs, you won't see anything from me for a while. I need to fix the rest of my life before I get back with my hobby.
Don't make me start pulling out random letters!

...I'm studying SMK, but the DPW parts are really giving me troubles. I've been interested in QZM for a while, but I'm thinking about reading more on UJIM...

No wonder people don't understand technobabel, there are no real words.
Cory, we had this conversation the other day.
Re: Going to the gym

Hopefully you aren't exerting yourself fully on all of those days. It's best to go every other day, or to switch between anaerobic and aerobic activities each day, since your body needs a rest period after heavy exertion in order to build muscle. The process of building muscle is sort of like the body realising it was too weak than it is like reacting to physical exertion... there's a bit of a delayed effect.
Yeah, I know. It builds muscle when it sleeps. But I'm not really sure what my limits are yet. I'm just trying to keep my body in a constant state of being fairly sore.

Danial: The only abbreviations I used that were cryptic were MCSD and ZCE, and they're both certifications. I have explained what the MCSD is multiple times in the past and I even said the ZCE is the PHP engineer cert in the post :P

And if you don't know what ASP.NET, OOP, or PHP are, then you phail anyways :P
Oh I know, I just find it funny how much we use those types of things. I don't think they were nearly as popular before computers.
You would absolutely hate Star Fleet Battles, Scoob. ;-)