Poll: Why did you're last project go unfinished?

I thought up another project idea and the original project got sidelined 18% (6)
The project idea wasn't that great 0% (0)
The amount of work needed to do the idea just got overwhelming. 15% (5)
I don't know how to program in DM well enough. 3% (1)
I don't know how to make game art well enough. 21% (7)
I can't do either programming or game art. I'm an idea person! 3% (1)
I spent all my time making systems (chat, housing, etc.) and never my content 6% (2)
Ran out of time in real life. 0% (0)
I needed help! 6% (2)
The people who I worked with and I didn't get along. 0% (0)
I didn't get enough feedback or interest. 6% (2)
I finsihed my last project, dammit. 9% (3)
Other (explain in the comments). 9% (3)

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I normally hate 'The problem with BYOND' posts, but...

It seems to me there's an epidemic of developers getting ideas for games they could do in BYOND, starting them, laying down a good foundation, and then just...stopping. Now, granted, like most creative projects, games can be said to be unfinishable. There's always something to tweak or improve. However, most projects I hear about don't even get released in rough form. Why is that?

Why did you're last project go unfinished?
Toss up between not having decent artwork and getting caught up writing neat systems.

However I voted not good enough at art blah.
Yeah, I know that happens. Art is also a very time consuming task.

Speaking of which, Vermo: You may wanna go here and give your two cents (or a dollar even).
I voted overwhelming. Its not exactly overwhelming but its the fact that it'd take me a bit to do it, so I just get lazy and stop. That's also the case with me starting a lot of projects; I have plenty ideas wrote down but I've thought about the work I'd have to put into systems to get them to function. EVen though I'm no iconer, I've decided not to wrroy about tem any more; if I get around to making some new games the icons will all be stick figures and etc..0_0

P.S. Nice CSS...
I voted "Other", but failing that the second best vote would be "Because the ideas aren't that great". I'm good at building things, but not necessarily building things that are fun. My last two projects, Gauntlet and Solar Conquest, were both great as far as I'm concerned in every aspect except being fun.

Solar Conquest, my last project, simply needs more depth, and I'm not really sure how to give it what it needs.
I tend to just lose motivation. I start out strong with the project but as time goes by I lose interest. I recently found out that the reason why I tend to lose motivation easily/faster is due to how easy the project may be. I tend to work on the hardest parts of my games first, for example I created a in game scripter where you use a language I created to ceate a weapon. Once I'm done with the hardest part of the game, all that is left it maybe like the login system, some verbs, ect. Since they are so easy to do I have no motivation to put the time into it.
I voted other, mainly because pixel artists/iconers are so few and hard to come by, or they don't want to devote time to a project they probably are not interested in, or they don't like the idea of investing time into something with no pay, etc. Also, I feel I'm more of an idea man. I can come up with good concepts and system ideas, but since I am a novice at DM it is hard for me to translate those ideas into actual coding. Oh yeah, I guess I also let the lack of an artist discourage me as well, because it is hard for me to code without being able to physically see the action I am coding, if that even makes sense.
Most of the reasons above are symptoms of PMS.

I suggest you all correct yourselves immediately before it becomes irreversible.

PMS, or Phoenix Man Syndrome (named after Phoenix Man), is a serious condition that afflicts (BYOND) developers working on projects. Often, one difficulty in a project saps the confidence and original motivation from said developer. The end result is usually the cancellation or suspension of a project (sometimes at the peak of its popularity regarding Phoenix Man's projects).

My biggest problem is being distracted by shiny things. I'll be part way through a project, and some system I'm working on triggers an idea about how I could use it in another project. The new idea, being shinier since it is newer, draws me away from the old project. I am literally working on a project right now that is the result of ideas inspired by a sucession of three other 'on hold' projects. The first of those projects was inspired by an off the cuff little piece of pix... oooh, shiny!
Flick wrote:
... oooh, shiny!

Yeah. I'm like that, too. 'Cept, since I've got this rule about one project at a time (and I'm amazed I can actually keep to it), I kinda go all Katamari on it and come up with new ideas and features to add to my current project and quickly become overwhelmed by it again.

Seems you're familiar with the syndrome. Your last name wouldn't be McAlterson, would it?

@Riva: have you tried using placeholders?

@CC: What about writing libraries?

@Foomer: That being said, I'm not entirely sure what I'm working on is all that fun, either. I'd like to think it's hard to see the fun in what you yourself have made. Has anyone given any suggestions on SC's depth?

@MDJD: I often am overwhelmed. Especially on rewrites. I see some of my modules or classes and, although they work, they really need a rewrite to make them solid and less fragile. God help me if I need to add something deeper into exisiting code.
About the graphics: It's true. Dwarf Fortress is one that gets dragged out a lot. You don't necessarily need great graphics for a great game.