For those who do not know, Blubomb was my action mining game I created a while back. It was heavily criticized since it was a mining game like Lode Wars and it shared the similarity of getting minerals. I don't know why but this is the only game I've ever created that I enjoyed working on and playing, so I finally decided to work on it again. Here are the changes:

Release History:
(January 27th, 2008 [sunday])
Version 1 Build 2
* Auto joined walls/dirt/stone
* Semi-new interface
* Minerals are randomly placed
* Fixed lag in certain parts of the game
* Flugeye (Class is now multitiled but I didn't have time to add in death for him)
* Kill 2 Live (I disabled this mode due to the Flugeye bug)

I didn't (and still don't) agree with the people who discouraged you from developing, but why do you call it "BYOND's First Fully Functional 4.0 Game"? I can think of at least one other. ;)
The reason I call it, "BYOND's First Fully Functional 4.0 Game" is because at the time, around July 2006, BYOND 4.0 was in the private beta stages. From what I know, this was the first BYOND 4.0 game released (in July).