Mitadake High

by Devourer Of Souls
Mitadake High
Anime, horror, survival, mystery, murder, intrigue! All rolled into one little school. Ain't it fun?
im test it
MH is one of the best games i played on byond
i agree with all of them this game is almost flawless
it very fun but sometime you have to wait so long and you get bored for waiting...
PPL need to host more b/c theres like 20 servers up...and only 3 work....
Well i like the ppl who bag on the game because their not afraid to speak their mind. Because i know that some ppl may just say good things so that the owner or other ppl notice them and like them and im not saying that all of you do that. I mean yea the game has its flaws but its also a good game. Could there be more servers and more modes, heck yea, but is it also a fun game to play... of course. I mean there should be different servers for RP and other servers for just goofing off and killing. But i also think there should always be a server ready and available. if i could host 10 servers at once i would. But it does seem for a long w8. i get that when ur playing it seems short when ur w8n it seems long. Some of my ideas are - Less time for hours. 5 min is good but to long, try and narrow it down to 2 or 3. Maps, very boring if u play over and over, try and make a new map every week or every other week like a special edition, or even holiday or month maps (BTW im a mapper/iconner/coder so i know how hard it is to make new maps but putting together peices and rearranging them isnt hard). Have Kira only kill by Death Note and if he doesnt get one kill in 12hrs the game is over and kira dies to speed up game time. Have anyone kill w/o reason should be banned and be sent into an automatic non RP server if they are in a RP server. ect. Thats some ideas to help the game and for all the ppl dissin the game just to h8 stop. makes no sense that just shows that you need to do something else and not waste ur time. As we say in all the other games im GM in, "If u dont like it go play another game." And every game is not ment for everyone. Also depends on whos playing. btw keep the updates to a bare minumum plz. Cuz it sucks when u havnt updated ur byond because you dont want to but u have to in order to play this game. Thats just plain annoying. srry for the long comment btw. Just had to speak my mind. Have a good day/night/lives every1 :)
it lag on me sometime but i don't know and i get bugged, i can't get back in sever... i was think of they should be some food and more bats (sometime people take all the bats...) Then i lag to hell so it me Connection failed...

or there to much people then i lag out.. so confused
death note is one of my top 10 fav anime show/manga. so i might start playin this game. this review is about 50% the reason why i want to play. i always overlooked this game but today i was bored so i decided to look at the hub and it really sounds like a great game other than the long wait time that i heard about. well ima go now peace :D
How Do you host? I don't know how get the sever in the sever list
This game seems to be the most popular.To me its the best game ive ever really played!!Its also a good way too meet funny people!!!!!
great game id say its a 9/10 or 8/10! :D
Oooooh. Awesome game. Best game to tend to your...murderous..needs.... Tee hee. ^3^ Ohohohohohohohooooooo! ^^
Its a great game and has a handful of great players, but most of remainder are either newb or noob. I am not saying everyone on MH is either but some (about 40-50%), its worth playing but don't get your hopes up.. Oh and its been those three game modes since about day ONE. I really don't think they are going to add any anytime soon, but if they do it will be one suggested on the forum like zombie or some other random idea.
I agree with Nathan, there are some stupid players out there. As long as there are good roleplayers, it's a very enjoyable and addicting game.
hehe this game is good, i love it, oh and a zombie mode would be great, but would be a little hellish in the school without any guns O.o, but a good bat to the head can take a zombie out nicely, so it would be a good mode so if you ever think about adding a new mode (this is for the host) yeah sure make a zombie mode
So I herd you liek bumping posts.
no there not orginal they were made using the rpg char genrator none of the icons are...
Character icons were public use. Items and turfs were made by me, same with Ramiel.
this game is ok, but it gets old real fast and very time consuming, I havent played it for about a year now
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