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Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 40. Beats not making 40, I suppose ;)

The day before, Valentine's Day, was also my tenth wedding anniversary. I decided to give my wife the present she's been harping on me about for years now. I quit smoking... again. :) For real this time though. I'm getting older, and I want to be around for a while, watch my kids get older and all that mushy stuff.

Wish me luck.
You're old.
Happy, Happy, Flicky.
You can do the non-smoking smoker thing. It gets easier as I hear.

Murrawhip wrote:
You're old.

And you're a baaaaaaby.
Jesus didn't smoke!
I dub thee Jurassic Jesus~
Happy B-day Flick!
I thought you were born on christmas?
May you fight the Romans with longevity and wisdom
Hooray for moderately healthy decisions!
Happy Birthday Flick.
You have a Valentines Day wedding anniversary, but living to see the kids grow up is considered mushy? You poser.

Happy kid recovery. Happy anniversary. Happy birthday. Good luck...

Working on Flindal will distract you from smoking. Just sayin'. ;)
Wow, I thought you were twenty-three. I don't know why though. You look young for your age.

Anyway, happy birthday, sir.
Happy birthday! And while it's a little sad to see another person turn to the Dark Side (you'll be one of those anti-smoking Nazis in no time, I know it...) I wish you the best of luck.

As it happens, I spoke to a guy at work today who got some kind of shot to help him quit smoking. It cost a bundle (around $450, IIRC) but it was a few weeks ago and he still has absolutely no desire to smoke. Might be worth a look.
If I were threatened with being shot, I wouldn't smoke either.
Jtgibson wrote:
If I were threatened with being shot, I wouldn't smoke either.

Hahaha! Golden.

Also Flick, you need to set a size for your textboxes.
Wow man, congradulations on the birth-day and the stopping of your smoking. Oh, and the anniversary. Glad to see BYOND actually does pull in an older/mature crowd(for awhile I was convinced all tenns and 20 year olds... I happen to be a teen...) Anywho it shouldn't be too hard to stop smoking... I stopped wackin my Jimmy. Cold turkey too! Havn't done it in months! Although Im sure the two are different in many ways. I pretty much guess a positive result requires the same attitude. Just loose desire to smoke, and then try to make it two weeks. After that try to make it a month. Before long you wont want to of made all the time you've taken not smoking by smoking. It's funny how I attempted to act like I know what Im talking about.

P.S. Sorry for the B.S. post, Im bored is all...
Good luck! I recently gave up drinking alcohol for my sweet heart, so I understand.

Happy Birthday!
Good luck.
Happy birthday ! =) And good luck on the smoking thing.
Been three solid weeks now and still good. I think I might make it this time :P

Thanks for all the luck :)