I'm trying to think of a creative way in which I can add in hacking and computer for information into a possible project of mine. This is a huge stump for me as I do not have too much knowledge of hacking. Despite the fact that Iíve thought of several ideas, I personally consider them not too great. So Iíll post the ideas I have and hope for some feed back from the communities on ideas and or suggestions.

My first idea is where if you were to login it would be a smart idea to create a bank account (which can be hacked). Once you have earned enough money, you could log onto the internet and buy hacking tools such as an email spammer, password cracker, ECT. But I think that could be way too easy.

My second idea was pretty horrible; you would have several disks in which you can combine to break the computerís firewall. Once in I have no idea what could happen next. This idea isnít good as it is also too easy.

My third idea is to have something to deal with scripting, but since I have no background with hacking I wouldnít know what a script for hacking could look like.

Now for another stump, I really want to add in game scripting, but I donít know what the point of it would be. Would it help you hack someway, if so what could be a possible of example script? Could you possibly create a program that logs text a user has typed onto his computer, how would that script look like?

I want this hacking part of the project to be not too easy, I wouldnít want it to be if they were to learn how to do it one round they can automatically win every one that would just ruin the replay ability. But I donít want it to be so hard where players would want to give up and not come back.
One word...Matrix.
I've never really watched the Matrix, though I've seen parts of it. What was the hacking like in the movie? Also I really want to add some sort of scripting element when you hack.
I'd love a programming oriented game, but honestly I don't know how best to implement it. Good luck if you do decide to make it, sounds like a lot of fun.
In the Matrix, hacking was pretty much equivalent to modifying the code that made up the environment and inserting code into the environment.

Want a gun? You need to fabricate the code for the gun and its operation and then insert it into the appropriate location for it to be placed into the world.

As far as firewalls go... there weren't any. However, if you were doing anything malicious, it would be noticed fairly quickly and Agents would be dispatched to kill you.

Now, if you want to make a hacking game... I thought this place had some nice ideas.


I didn't really like the others that he came up with.

These concepts have had me wanting to make a hacking oriented MMORPG on BYOND for a while now, but I haven't been able to find the motivation to start the project... <_<
I think would be really really cool.
Dystopia, a mod for HL2 which takes place in a cyberpunk environment, implements hacking by having really abstract, brightly coloured looking places which you move around as a hacker. There are things like firewalls which you have to wedge or destroy, and nodes which contain 'mini computers' which you can do stuff like capture turrets at.
Then in some maps there are hazards such as tunnels filled with surging electricity that you have to time your way through.
Also, although you couldn't easily implement this in BYOND, there is zero gravity in these places and it's possible to re-orient yourself to any wall. This means that watching two people in cybercombat is awesome - bouncing off of walls, firing jets of electricity etc.

[EDIT] Oh oh I just realised how I was going to implement this sort of thing in TitanNet.
Basically, the whole computing system is based on an interrupt model where an operation with a peripheral triggers an event on the computer, maybe sending a bit of text along as well. These interrupts trigger programs which then take the data and do something with it. These drivers can be modified by the user to do whatever they want.
For a keylogger you'd want to continue normal operation, so you might add a piece of code onto the end of the driver. You could have virus scanners which check for suspicious code, or chcek file-lengths routinely to see if the drivers have been modified, or you could use your own custom driver which deletes the key information when it is finished with it.
I had a sort-of-working scripting language, so I was able to write a couple of my own drivers - I had a computer set up in-game which took voice input and spoke out text. It was really cool to see the whole system working together.
Hey im Unbeatable1236/Chris i can help if you want. I know a little about hacking. Hex editing, inbites, float etc. I can help if you want.

My email is
hex editing != hacking
Who doesn't know how to edit hex? =|

I do it all the time to make Action Replay codes.
Unbeatable1236 wrote:
Hey im Unbeatable1236/Chris i can help if you want. I know a little about hacking. Hex editing, inbites, float etc. I can help if you want.

My email is

No you don't.
That is an amazing site, thanks Darke. I think I may have a great idea now. Also hazman, I highly agree with you. I may combine some of the ideas too and may make a post of my final idea.