BYOND is an ambitious project. Trying to make an accessible, yet robust, application designed to help largely non-programmers create their own game is no easy task. Nurturing the online community needed to support it is a job in itself. Yet for over a decade, Dan and Tom have worked hard to continually improve the BYOND experience. With a staff of volunteers, they have made BYOND one of the premiere game creation tools available. And it still doesn't cost a penny.

Of course, their are plenty of naysayers who will complain of BYOND's imperfections. (Apparently, some people would complain about a diamond having flaws, even if it was free...) What these people often fail to realize is the remarkable dedication that Dantom has shown in developing BYOND. Dedication that has produced a product radically improved and and a greatly expanded community since BYOND's inception.

So, for all your hard work, for a great product that is one of the few pieces of software that I still use after 10 years, and because I know it isn't said enough; to the BYOND staff

Thank you.
It's Dantom, not DanTom.
Sincerely agreed. Now anyone else who thanks the Byond staff will be seen as bandwagoners...
Yar, I agree as well.